Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top: created generic SS Character. Col. Colon Von Sphincter. "He's a real A$$hole"
2nd from Top: Field Marshal Erwin Rommels' Staff Car in Normandy
3rd from Top: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in Normandy with aide.
Bottom: LtGen George S. Patton mounted in Jeep

Special Characters

This is my General George S. Patton Jr. I modeled him with an aide and his dog "Willie". I have used him successfully in a few of our larger scale battles. With the Help of my buddy Keith I wrote up a set of Character rules for him.

They are as follows:

LtGen. George S. Patton Jr. Warrior Rules FOW V2

Lt Gen. George S. Patton Characteristics
Patton is a warrior with a higher command team rating as Fearless Veteran. Patton is either on foot or mounted in his command vehicle. Command vehicle is either Jeep, Dodge ¾ ton Command Car, or M3 Halftrack. Movement rules; +3 inches to any vehicle movement. Patton can join any U.S. Armored or Armored Rifle Company for 50 pts.

Patton’s Escort: Patton can have a Recon Platoon (Fortress Europe page 104) in Normandy with two squads for 70pts Bazooka team +15 pts.
Sicily two squads for 90pts. Bazooka +20 pts Escort must remain within 16” of Patton.

Lt Gen. George S. Patton Special Rules
“Breakthrough their lines or I’ll find someone who can!” : If any U.S. Platoon, Company, or Battalion Command team within line of sight of Patton fails its motivation test to rally from being pinned or company morale check, Patton can appoint a new command team by removing any Infantry, Tank or Gun team and replacing it with the command team. Immediately re-roll the test. If the new command team fails continue promoting new command teams until either pass motivation test or no one is left.

“We’re not holding, We’re advancing!”: Any Unit within line of sight of Patton gets +3 inches to their move in the movement step. Any unit within his command distance does not have to make a bog check.

“Patton Did What?!": Before the game and after the deployment Roll one die, on 4+ choose which table edge (except opponent deployment table edge) to re-deploy your troops. Troops must be deployed 16 inches or more from the enemy. This represents HQ’s inability to keep track of Patton’s movements. Patton cannot move further than 24” from the original deployment table edge.

“Old Blood and Guts.”: If Patton’s command team is destroyed during the game the U.S. war effort has suffered a severe blow, despite any other gains. The U.S. Player loses one victory point and the opponent gains one victory point at the end of battle.

Friday, May 1, 2009

my hobby

When I got back from my first Iraq deployment in 2004, a friend of mine invited me to come down to a hobby store and watch a game of War Hammer 40k. I was interested, I thought that the game had potential. However, I was more grounded in reality. I was always a student of history and found World War Two interested me the most. That's when I discovered Flames of War.
Flames of War, (FoW) is a World War Two table top miniature war game. It is set in 15mm scale and is supported by rulebooks and an online forum. Battlefront is the company that produces the game. Their headquarters is out of New Zealand. Most hobby stores carry their model kits.

I made my first purchase in June of 2004. It was a StuG III G German Assault Gun. I already liked putting model planes together and I thought why not give it a shot. The model was easy to assemble and came with a piece of paper showing how the model was put together. I supplied my own glue, let dry, and then painted. I was so pleased with the model, that one assault gun turned into a platoon of tanks, then a platoon of infantry then American Paratroopers so on and so on. During this time I talked a friend of mine into the hobby and every weekend we got together and played a few games.

Currently my completed lists are: US Tank Company 2500pts, US Armored Rifle Company 2500pts, US Parachute Rifle Company 2500pts. German Panzer Company 2500pts, German Panzer Grenadier Company 2500pts, German SS Panzer Company 2500pts. British Rifle Company 2500pts, British Armored Guards Company 2500pts.
and still building....
I am working on German Fallschrimjager Company, British Air landing Company, and still adding to the British Armored Guards.

I am by no means a Master Builder or model detailer. All of my models are just paint and play. All of my scenery is basic and not fancy. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures, discuss tactics, and post After Action Reports of my battles.